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  • The Bible—A Book From God

    09 November 2009

    The “New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures” is available in many languages What Does the Bible Really Teach? CHAPTER TWO The Bible—A Book From God CHAPTERS * Is This What God Purposed? 1. What Is the Truth About God? 2. The Bible—A Book From God...

  • An Earth Free From Suffering

    09 November 2009

    HOWEVER, millions of people worldwide have a totally different view. They foresee a marvelous future for mankind. They say that right here on earth there will soon be a world completely free from wickedness and suffering. They are confident that what...


    09 November 2009

    In this series: Who Is God? Is God a Real Person? Does God Have a Name? Is Jesus Almighty God? Does God Care About Me? Does God Accept All Forms of Worship? Related topics: Is There Only One True God? Is Jesus Christ God? Who Is God? HOW would you answer...

  • A King With Wealth and Wisdom

    10 November 2009

    Do you think that riches would make you happy? If somebody gave you a large sum of money, would you not be pleased? Probably you would. Likely you could think of ways to spend it. ADMITTEDLY, there are plenty of things to buy to make life more comfortable...

  • WAS IT DESIGNED? The Wing of Nature’s Fliers

    14 November 2009

    Which would you think are more efficient in the air? Planes or such creatures as bats, insects, and birds? Believe it or not, the plane is no match for these small wonders of nature, who “have outstanding capabilities to remain airborne through wind gusts,...

  • Animal Creation Magnifies Jehovah

    14 November 2009

    JEHOVAH’S grandeur is evident in the animal kingdom. God takes good care of the animals, even as he makes provision for mankind. (Psalm 145:16) What a mistake it would be to find fault with their Creator and ours! Although the man Job was upright, he...

  • Was Jesus Born in December?

    22 November 2009

    What Does the Bible Really Teach? Was Jesus Born in December? THE Bible does not tell us when Jesus was born. However, it does give us sound reason to conclude that his birth did not take place in December. Consider the weather conditions at that time...


    26 November 2009

    IT ALL began suddenly one day in April 1994. A plane crash killed the presidents of Burundi and Rwanda. Within hours violence of horrifying proportions engulfed Rwanda. In little more than three months, over 500,000 Rwandans—men, women, and children—were...

  • Does God Take Children to Become Angels in Heaven?

    26 November 2009

    When death strikes a child, friends of the bereaved family may try to comfort them by saying, “God must have needed another angel in heaven.” Does that sound reasonable to you? If it were true that God causes children to die because he needs more angels...

  • What Does the Bible Say About God and Jesus?

    26 November 2009

    IF PEOPLE were to read the Bible from cover to cover without any preconceived idea of a Trinity, would they arrive at such a concept on their own? Not at all. What comes through very clearly to an impartial reader is that God alone is the Almighty, the...

  • Is God Always Superior to Jesus?

    26 November 2009

    Is God Always Superior to Jesus? JESUS never claimed to be God. Everything he said about himself indicates that he did not consider himself equal to God in any way—not in power, not in knowledge, not in age. In every period of his existence, whether in...

  • Should You Believe It?

    26 November 2009

    DO YOU believe in the Trinity? Most people in Christendom do. After all, it has been the central doctrine of the churches for centuries. In view of this, you would think that there could be no question about it. But there is, and lately even some of its...

  • Russian Supreme Court rules against Jehovah’s Witnesses and religious freedom

    17 December 2009

    MOSCOW—On December 8, 2009, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation considered the appeal of a local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses and upheld the earlier lower court ruling to pronounce 34 pieces of educational religious literature “extremist.”...

  • "Hallowed Be Your Name"—What Name?

    15 January 2010

    The Divine Name That Will Endure The Divine Name That Will Endure Forever "Hallowed Be Your Name"—What Name? ARE you a religious person? Then doubtless, like many others, you believe in a Supreme Being. And likely you have great respect for the well-known...

  • RUSSIA: Supreme Court ban on Jehovah's Witnesses begins to bite

    16 January 2010

    RUSSIA: Supreme Court ban on Jehovah's Witnesses begins to bite By Geraldine Fagan, Forum 18 News Service Although 34 Jehovah's Witness publications described as extremist have not yet been added to the Federal List of Extremist...

  • Will Jehovah’s Witnesses be banned in Russia?

    27 January 2010

    Will Jehovah’s Witnesses be banned in Russia? permalink e-mail story to a friend print version Published 13 July, 2009, 08:56 Edited 26 January, 2010, 19:29 Jehovah’s Witnesses, known for their doomsday prophecies, are seen as an extremist cult by the...

  • Welcome to Overblog!

    09 November 2009

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  • Jehovah, My Father, My God and Friend. Song 91

    14 November 2009

    Jehovah, My Father, My God and Friend. Song 91 - Sing To Jehovah

  • HE WILL CALL (Sing to Jehovah)

    14 November 2009

    Song 111- HE WILL CALL (Sing to Jehovah)

  • 2008 Report of Jehovah's Witnesses Worldwide

    22 November 2009

    clic here link

  • Featured Downloads

    22 November 2009

    Featured Downloads

  • URGENT BREAKING NEWS— Russia close to banning Jehovah's Witnesses entirely

    27 January 2010